Tadom Groove Lounge

Tadom Groove Lounge Area

Location: Sepang, Kuala Lumpur
Client: Tadom Hill Resorts Sdn Bhd
Area: 2,060 sqft
Project Status: Completed
Photography: Hua Jie Toh

The project is found in a 40-plus-acre resort property set within a backdrop of turquoise spring water lakes and majestic limestone hills. Located adjacent to a native Temuan village, the project has been embraced by the locals, in part due to the creative ways used to support and give back to the community.

The main concept of Tadom Groove Lounge comes from its surrounding palm trees. The Lounge is unique in that it is the only building in the resort without vertical columns. The bamboo ‘stumps’ fan open to hold up a hypar roof that is reminiscent of the traditional Minangkabau houses commonly found in the West coast of Peninsular Malaysia. A curved rattan beam frames the skylight above.

Tadom Groove Lounge Area Concept Drawing
Tadom Groove Lounge Area Concept Drawing

Much had to be done before the villagers came to accept bamboo as a building material but eventually, it was the young men and women of the local village who made up a good part of the construction team. The roof, made from dried palm leaves found abundantly around the site, was harvested and stitched together by the villagers. This became another source of supplementary income for them.

Soon after completion, the Lounge became a favourite spot for the builders and resort guests to gather in the evening. The Lounge’s curved roof pitch reveals a magnificent view of the lake as the sun sets over the limestone hills which, for some, was a daily piece of paradise.

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